Dr Roffey’s books

Dr Roffey’s first book ‘Essential Decisions’ is a best seller. The second book ‘Trading Decisions’ just published is already into its second printing to satisfy demand.

ESSENTIAL DECISIONS is the distillation of his 44 years of professional technical analysis research and application in the market. The 18 chapters have over 300 charts, diagrams and tables that focus on isolating profitable entry and exit points. A leading European University has made the book compulsory reading for students on technical analysis courses. Beginners are introduced to the basic techniques of support, resistance, trends, patterns, relative strength and candlestick analysis. Traders and investors with a knowledge of charting will gain an enormous amount of expertise on the use of oscillators to determine major entry and exit points.

ESSENTIAL DECISIONS is a MUST book for the serious trader or investor wishing to use technical analysis.

TRADING DECISIONS published in January 2014 was specifically designed for serious traders. It focuses on isolating low risk entry and exit levels for trading a full range of shares, indexes, FOREX, commodities, metals and interest rate stocks. There are 240 pages of charts covering end of day and intra-day trading in both bull and bear markets. A complete chapter is devoted to short selling. The application of oscillators in isolating entry and exit points is guaranteed to improve your trading hit rate. Dr. Roffey discusses the use of the RSI and MACD oscillators with relative strength lines.

TRADING DECISIONS is a MUST book for all serious traders.

Dr. Roffey’s contribution to technical analysis.
Dr Roffey’s application of Bollinger Bands to oscillators, as well as his unique stochastic grouping and his new StochMACD and StochTRIX oscillator plus his extensive work on divergence are major contributions to the advancement of technical analysis studies. His application of oscillators to relative strength charts opens up a new tool for traders. His discovery of the ‘B’ wave split as well as his conception of the ‘group effect’ are further unique contributions to understanding corrective waves in Elliott Wave analysis.

You can order signed copies direct from Dr Roffey at info@charts.co.za