Elliot Waves

Understanding Elliott Wave

This Elliot Wave course is for investors and analysts interested in understanding the use of Elliott in decision making. A good understanding of oscillators helps to understand Elliott. It is a specialist course on Elliott Wave for both beginners and current users. The course covers:

  • The Five Wave thrust
  • Corrective wave varations
  • Sub waves in bull and bear trends
  • Wave Extensions
  • Rules of Alternation
  • Weak corrective waves
  • Importance of the B wave split
  • Trend lines in Elliott
  • Triangle formats in Elliott
  • Fibonacci in Elliott
  • Target counts in Elliott
  • Group Effect
  • Current Market Elliott Analysis

7 Woodview Road, Westcliff, Johannesburg. 10:00 – 13:00

Saturday October 2012 date to be determined.

R2385.00 per person