About Dr. Roffey

Dr. Clive Roffey has first class honours degrees in both Metallurgy and Mathematics in addition to his Ph.D from the University of London, as well a host of professional qualifications. He was recently awarded a B.Sc. Honouris Causa by the University of Surrey.

He first started professional analysis in 1968 and since then has remained an outspoken independent professional analyst. As most of his analyses have been presented in the public domain, either in the daily and financial press or on radio or television, all his critiques of market performance can be verified. He has lectured extensively at global and local investment conferences on analysis and holds master class courses on advanced technical analysis.

Dr. Roffey is an executive member of the Technical Analytical Society of Southern Africa, and consults to both institutional and private clients as well as producing his various daily and weekly newsletters. He has written numerous blunt, no nonsense columns for several financial magazines as well as commentating on Radio 702, Classic FM Business. His TV programme, the ‘Roffey Review’ on DSTV channel 412 Summit TV, is the longest running financial analytical slot on TV. In addition Dr Roffey is the only analyst in South Africa to have two papers published in the prestigious ‘Stocks & Commodities’ US magazine as well as in the UK ‘Technical Analyst’.

Dr Roffey runs several seminars on Technical Analysis ranging from understanding the essential basics for decision making through to advanced courses on oscillators and Elliott Wave. His bestselling book ‘Essential Decisions’ has been sold in 15 countries and is also a prescribed text book for the technical analysis degree course at a European University.

He has made numerous unique contributions to technical analysis on reverse divergence, Relative Strength tables, the B wave split and group effect in Elliott Wave analysis, grouped oscillators and the StochMacd oscillator as well as being a world authority on divergence.

His unique coupling of divergence with grouped oscillators and Bollinger Bands applied to oscillators is a massive contribution to the science of stock market decision making and trend reversal analysis.

The analysis and views expressed in this website are the personal analysis of Dr. Roffey based on his 45 years market experience of technical analysis. They are not in any way intended or to be construed as recommendations or investment advice. Readers of these analyses should also consult and compare other sources of data before embarking on any investment or trading decisions.