Mission & Objectives


To provide world class JSE stock market, share, FOREX, global market and commodity analysis for investors and traders using the essential techniques of technical analysis and chart analysis.


To make available a first-class understanding of stock market share investment and trading as well as stock picking and top down or bottom up investment strategies and trading opportunities.

To supply the highest level of teaching of stock market investment and risk analysis through world class technical analysis courses, seminars and training that highlight their techniques and practical applications.

To offer courses equivalent to the best in the world that cover the essential aspects of market and portfolio decision making. Fundamental analysis relevant to technical analysis is discussed. Basic chart analysis using support and resistance, trend analysis, chart patterns that include reversal patterns and continuation patterns. Candlestick displays and relative strength are essential basic aspects of stock trading and investment decision making.

To educate investors, analysts and traders on the more advanced aspects of oscillator analysis with specific reference to MACD, RSI and Stochastics. The application and understanding of these oscillators are dealt with in greater detail and depth than any other analysis course. Dr Roffey first published his work on positive and negative (bullish or bearish) oscillator divergence in June 1976. He is a world authority on all aspects of price – oscillator divergence as a form of recognizing trend reversals and pivot points that effect the movement of market cycles and allow forward price target projections.

To introduce several new concepts of technical analysis that have not previously been published outside Dr. Roffey’s 2008 book “Essential Decisions”. These include the new StochMACD oscillator, grouped oscillators, the group effect, the B wave split in Elliott Wave analysis as well as relative strength tables.

To have an ultimate objective to enhance the ability of individuals and financial planners or managers to forecast market trends and trend reversals, select shares and learn how to invest or trade in JSE shares and indexes as well as global markets, currencies and commodities.