Technical Analysis for Short Term Traders

Technical Analysis for short term traders

Short term trading has become the main pastime for many people as a profession or supplement to income

  • Time frames, end of day or intra-day
  • Importance of Technical Analysis
  • Which market, indexes, shares, Forex?
  • Which trading vehicle, CFD’s, Single Stock Futures, Warrants, Options, Pairs Trading
  • Organizing risk
  • Important trends, support and resistance
  • Patterns that work
  • Oscillator groupings
  • Divergence and short term trading
  • Trading with oscillators
  • Where to put stop loss levels
  • Isolating entry and exit levels
  • Profit taking vs shorting
  • Leverage vs Trading
Attendees at this course MUST have a good knowledge of oscillators, divergence and reverse divergence as well as Bollinger Bands with oscillators. All of this is covered in Dr Roffey’s best selling books

7 Woodview Road, Westcliff, Johannesburg. 10:00 – 13:00